Art Design and the Subject Environment of the 21st Century

from the cycle «History and Theory of Design»

The field of design is a dynamic and ever-evolving structure. There was a time when a single individual designed posters, advertisements, interiors, furniture, and items for industrial production. However, all these are now distinct professions. Web design and process design have also emerged. Art design is a relatively new concept that is currently taking shape. Increasingly, objects of industrial design find their way into modern art museums, blurring the line between interior items and works of art.

In this lecture, you will explore:

  • The concept of modern collectible design.
  • The distinctions between art design and art.
  • The innovative aspects that this creative method has introduced to the world of design.
  • The leading works showcased at international interior and furniture exhibitions.
  • A glimpse of masterpieces created by contemporary visionaries such as Zaha Hadid, Philippe Starck, Marc Newson, and others.
  • Contemporary trends in furniture design.
  • Emerging names in the fields of furniture and product design.

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