Designer Viktor Dembowski is the most popular and beloved speaker among our festival audience. With him, we explored a new interpretation of the 70s style at Homefest II, and the experience was profoundly emotional. We are grateful to him for the concepts and knowledge he shared about the Art Deco style. He is a talented designer, an excellent speaker with outstanding teaching skills, and he always immerses the audience in the fascinating world of design and creativity, leaving no one untouched.

Gleb Shchekotov


Through our collaboration with Victor, we launched the New Art-deco catalog. He prepared and delivered several large-scale lectures on the topic of New Art-deco for our partners and clients in Moscow, as well as in various other Russian cities. In my role as the Director of the Development Department at the Relotti company, I had the privilege of working closely with Victor in Novosibirsk during the Siberian Building Week. Victor was the author and creator of the Relotti stand, and he also spoke at Homefest and the Forum of Designers and Architects. Everything was executed at an exceptionally high level, and our collaboration with Victor was remarkably seamless. His lectures were consistently sold out! We thank Victor for his expertise, his willingness to share knowledge, his optimism, and his great sense of humor.

Smirnova Yulia

Director of the Development Department at Relotti Company

Victor Dembowski - I never thought that lectures about interiors and styles could be so interesting. To convey complex information more clearly and engagingly, to structure knowledge for both professionals and amateurs... is a rarity. I consider it a great stroke of luck that we crossed paths and started working together.

Polina Surina

CEO, 2Shades

Teachers always come from God. I've been very fortunate in this regard throughout my life. Now, as an adult with my own conscious view of design, I'm not shy to admit that I learn from the best. At Victor's, I attended a lecture about Zaha Hadid for the first time. Even though I had the chance to hear Zaha herself in 2012 in Rome, the experience with Victor was completely different. It was warm and felt like a cozy conversation over coffee with my favorite architect. It was as if I truly understood the message behind the design of each building. We also explored lectures on modern styles, which were insightful, deep, and well-structured. Through this, I learned what not to overdo in design (such as excessively ornate golden columns in a modest apartment). The lectures on New Art Deco were enlightening, and the trip with Porcelanosa offered fascinating insights into Spanish Art Nouveau. I particularly appreciated this quote: “Gaudi's brilliance outshone many other talented architects.” We savored great food, fine wine, and even lobster 🦑. Subsequently, the lectures on Italian design were engaging, touching on friendship and attention to detail, always followed by engaging Q&A sessions. Lastly, the lecture on ethnic styles provided a profound wellspring of inspiration for which I'm eternally grateful. In conclusion, Victor introduced me to Deyan Sudjic and presented interior design in a stylish and approachable manner, unlike anyone else.

Isaeva Anastasia

Interior Designer, Novosibirsk

We have been collaborating with Victor for four years. We've organized joint seminars in our showroom for his students at the International School of Design. These seminars shed light on the potential of lighting capabilities, the latest technologies, and global trends. Victor also consistently delivers enlightening talks on design, architecture, and global exhibitions in our lecture hall. We express our heartfelt gratitude to him for his professionalism, unwavering dedication, and wealth of knowledge that he generously shares.

Solo Office Interiors

I always make an effort to attend Victor's lectures. I appreciate the absence of unnecessary filler, the well-structured content, and the excellent visuals that accompany the material. It's valuable that the content caters to practicing designers, offering useful and engaging insights, even for those who've been in the profession for a long time. Victor's lectures always provide opportunities to learn something new and refine existing knowledge.

Vladimir And

Interior Designer, Krasnodar

What can I say about Victor... A man who's truly passionate about design, and he genuinely infects you with his love for the subject. When you listen to Victor, it's a seamless experience. He's a compelling speaker, and on top of that, he's a professional designer who comprehends the subject not only in theory but also in practice.

Maria Malitskaya

Founder of

Why do we love Victor? He's a practicing interior designer, an art connoisseur, and an architectural and design historian. The depth of his knowledge is astounding, and while you're listening to him, you feel that he's a person from the very world he talks about. The audience adores him; both esteemed architects and aspiring designers eagerly gather to meet with him. He isn't the type of person to be described as condescending." In Russian, we might use the term "приходящий свыше" to capture that quality, which is unfortunately observed in some of our elite lecturers. He educates, he doesn't just lecture. The audience feels like they're engaged in a conversation with a friend. His reserve of knowledge seems boundless and it's continually updated. When you track the trajectory of his global journeys, you realize that he'll always continue learning and teaching others."

Naum Alper

CEO, AP Luxury Brands

Victor is a professional, charismatic, and authentic lecturer who effectively engages with the audience. The material is meticulously structured and comprehensible even to inexperienced viewers, while also remaining captivating for seasoned professionals. I'm well aware of how much Victor invests in every lecture event, and I take pleasure in listening to his lectures and wholeheartedly recommend them to others.

Ivan Basov

Furniture Designer, Teacher at the British School of Design

“To acquire knowledge is courage, to increase it is wisdom, and to apply it skillfully is a great art.” Victor is a true creator and inspiration who leaves a lasting impression. A man of taste with an extensive amount of knowledge. A brilliant teacher, a master who collects fragments and weaves knowledge into a coherent narrative, which he presents effortlessly, captivating audiences of thousands of listeners. Victor, I admire you as a creator, an innovator, and simply as a person!

Marina Melikhova

CEO, Finex

Victor Dembowski is one of the few representatives of design culture whose intelligence has been cultivated across generations. His lectures are marked by a profound immersion in the material, rooted in the study of sources, many of which are inaccessible to researchers from Russia. Expertly crafted parallels between the past and present, as well as elegant allusions, make Victor's presentations truly captivating and rich.

Alexey Dorozhkin

Editor-in-Chief of Elle Decoration

Victor Dembowski is a rare individual! He is well-educated and deeply devoted to his passion and profession. As a teacher and the author of engaging lectures, I am always on the lookout for material that is presented in a lively and engaging manner. During the COVID isolation on his live broadcasts, he also revealed himself as an excellent interviewer and an attentive conversationalist!

Nadezhda Ananyeva

Interior Designer, Moscow

The most passionate and charismatic lecturer I know, he is both a practitioner and a theorist - a rare combination. Victor knows how to structure information so that it's easily remembered on the first try without much effort. His lectures always contain numerous rare facts, shedding new light on even well-known topics and authors. I've moderated several lectures, but I couldn't multitask as I was completely absorbed in the storytelling and couldn't tear myself away!

Anna Borges

Editor-in-Chief of Design Mate

At BOMOND, we firmly believe that events for designers and architects should be highly effective and, above all, accessible. Our aim is not merely to sell a product but to engage in a shared learning and development experience with professionals. In 2019, across multiple cities where we operate, we collaborated with Victor Dembowski to organize a series of lectures for designers and architects with the theme: Modern Design. Approaches to Historical Styles. Historicism. Eclecticism. Fusion. Kitsch." In Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, and Sochi, we received exclusively positive feedback. We extend our gratitude to Victor for the partnership and look forward to new and exciting projects in the future."

BOMOND Chain of Plumbing Showrooms

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