Timeless Furniture Design: Object Design is Timeless

from the cycle «History and Theory of Design»

What we sit on, where we recline, and at which table we enjoy our tea affect us no less than the sun outside the window, the mountains, forests, and seas. The physical environment shapes an individual, influencing their perspectives and ideas about the world. The right choice of furniture and interior details can either enhance or hinder your overall design.

Much of today's fashionable modern furniture is a reinterpretation of the masterpieces created by great 20th-century designers—a revival of «well-forgotten old items» in fresh interpretations, often with direct references. This course will introduce you to the style icons of the 20th century, showcasing examples of timeless design crafted by genius creators that continue to be manufactured today. We will explore ideas, form, style, function, and how to address modern interior design challenges using the creations of 20th-century design legends. This is precisely what we will delve into.


  • The Design Logic of the 20th Century: The Formation of Modern Ideas about Design.
  • Shaping 20th-Century Furniture: Timeless Design.
  • Examples of 20th-Century Design: Featuring Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Joseph Hofmann, Peter Behrens, Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Alvar Aalto.
  • The Phenomenon of Modernity" in Design.
  • Understanding and Applying 20th-Century Style Icons in Design Practice.
  • Adapting and Interpreting Classical Forms of the 20th Century within the Context of Modern Styles in Interior Design.

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